Head Office

Jed Byskup

Trades & Labour

Jed Byskup Trades & Labour Consultant T: 07933 182489 E: jed@pwconstruct.co.uk

Haroun Ahaouari

Trades & Labour

Haroun Ahaouari Trades & Labour Consultant T: 07547 672733 E: haroun@pwconstruct.co.uk

Ollie Burnie

Civils & Groundworks

Ollie Burnie Senior Groundworks Consultant T: 07568 115 018 E: ollie@pwconstruct.co.uk

Sam I’Anson

Mechanical & Electrical

Sam I’Anson Mechanical & Electrical Consultant T: 07547 672 732 E: sam@pwconstruct.co.uk

Chloe Wadhams

White Collar

Chloe Wadhams White Collar Consultant T: 07925 133400 E: chloe@pwconstruct.co.uk

Charlotte Bovis


Charlotte Bovis Payroller T: 01732 795 116 E: payroll@pwconstruct.co.uk

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